Types of Hiring

Two different types of hiring practice - one recruiting solution.

Prism Staffing helps companies of all sizes meet the challenge of finding and placing the ideal candidates for any role in the organization. Typically, those roles fall into two distinct "types of hire", as described below:

1. Permanent Hires

Our Permanent hires include vacancies from traditional recruitment, newly created positions, confidential replacements, retained executive roles, and succession planning.

  • Traditional Recruitment
  • Newly Created Positions
  • Confidential Replacements
  • Retained Executive Search
  • Succession Planning

2. Hourly Contractors & Temporary Staff

There are many reasons for companies to hire hourly contractors & temporary staff in place of permanent staff.

  • System implementations
  • Construction projects, corporate expansions, company relocations
  • Sick Leave, Maternity Leave, Parental Leave
  • Peak Vacation Coverage & Employee Absence
  • Budgetary headcount restrictions prevent hiring Perm staff

At Prism we support your internal recruitment efforts, by introducing experienced contractors & temporary staff that “hit-the-ground-running” in their new assignments.

Our recruiters are experienced at asking the right questions and acquiring the necessary background information for our contractors & temporary hires.

Our contractors don’t require a ramp-up period in their new assignments – this seamless transition means your current employees can continue their regular work instead of being drained of their valuable time & resources by devoting their days to training the new hire.

Prism clients directly benefit by hiring high-performing employees that have a clear understanding of their assignments.

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